Soup's On

An Outreach to provide a hot home cooked meal (and more) for anyone in need.

Hosted at St. John's Episcopal Church the fourth Saturday of every month.

We have worked since 1986 providing free meals and other services to area people in need. We operate a soup kitchen where we prepare carefully planned, nutritious, and complete meals and serve them with a friendly smile.

We prepare 120 meals each time we operate the soup kitchen. We also set up additional tables and fill them with food products. After each person finishes their dinner, they can "shop" the tables and carry home a bag of free items.

On the Saturday during Thanksgiving weekend, we open a Christmas Gift Shop with our soup kitchen. Youth from the area volunteer to run the gift shop. As those attending finish their meal, volunteers escort the adults through our "gift" room. They can pick a gift for each of their children or grandchildren and we wrap them up for Christmas.

We pick up food items from area stores three days a week and deliver them to local charities that provide assistance to those in need (included among them are the Lighthouse Mission of Hope, Good Neighbors, Icandora Hall, and Gennesaret).

We welcome new volunteers to help prepare food, serve, clean up, pick up food from stores, and more. We would always welcome individuals or any stores in our area that would be willing to work with us!

If you are in need of these services or are able to assist the Soups On efforts, stop by St. John's Episcopal Church on the fourth Saturday of the month, contact our office at (330) 928-2139, or by email at