Church Library

Our collection is organized by broad category. Most books have sign out cards which can be signed and placed in the small wooden box found on a shelf next to the library desk. If a book does not have a book card, please print the title and your name on the clipboard next to the wooden book card holder.

We are using a website called LibraryThing to list our books. You can keep an eye on what is currently entered into our online LibraryThing list by clicking on the link below.

St. John's LibraryThing page

Click here to see directions on using LibraryThing

LIBRARY MISSION: It is the mission of the SJ library to collect books and other modern media that offer entertainment, information, and insight into all areas of sound Christian and Episcopal belief and practice. It is not the purpose of the library to provide materials that are widely available in public and school libraries. Any viedo media included in the library collection must be of the most current, widely used format (Currently DVD and Blu Ray).

PURCHASES / WISHLIST: Purchases will be guided by our church and library mission statements with specific titles selected by our Priest. Suggestions for purchases may be emailed to or dropped off in the church office. Eventually, a wish list of possible purchases will be compiled and linked to the library page of our church website. Please email or check with the church office before purchasing anything on the Wish list. Book plates indicating an item was purchased “In Memory Of . . .” or as a “Gift of . . .” can be placed in items purchased by individuals or groups.

DONATIONS: If you have items which you have found meaningful and feel would be a good addition to our library, please bring your donations to the church office. Please understand that we may not include all your donations in the church library. Donated items will be evaluated in regards to the mission of our church and library. Any donated item not included will be offered for free to the library users or donated to a public library for their book sale or recycling.

BORROWING: If a book has a book card in the front or back of the book, please PRINT your first and last name on the card along with the date and place it in the small wooden container on the shelf to the right of the desk. Otherwise, print the name of the book, author and your name on the paper in the clip board on the shelf with the wooden book card box.

RETURNS: Please find the card and replace it in the book or cross off the book title and your name on the clipboard. Place the book on the desk to be reshelved, unless you are certain of the section to which it belongs.