General Resources

Material assistance

If you need material assistance, consult our list of community resources here.

Resources for Spiritual Growth

The Book of Common Prayer

Aside from Scripture, our core spiritual resource is the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The BCP contains orders for typical Sunday worship and special occasions, as well as resources for personal prayer and devotion. The BCP has been revised multiple times throughout Anglican history, and different Anglican churches have their own edition. Our BCP was most recently revised in 1979. While churches are permitted to use earlier editions, St. John's uses the 1979 edition.

Forward Movement

Forward Movement is a discipleship ministry run by the Episcopal church. While they sell physical goods to churches and individuals, they also have a number of internet resources.

Forward By Day is a physical devotional that Forward Movement makes available online.

Their Daily Prayer page will retrieve the appropriate prayers from the Daily Office for the date and time of day. Their Daily Devotions pages provides streamlined versions of the longer Daily Office. They also aggregate all the Scripture readings from the day's office into one Daily Readings page.