The Sermon on the Mount

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The Savior is holding a scroll symbolizing the teachings of the sermon. The rays of light emanating from behind the figure of Christ signify the moving power of God, the Holy Spirit. To show that the teachings of Christ are applicable at both his own earthly time and our own time, the family at the left is in biblical dress and that at the right in modern dress. The bottom left panels are devoted to the beginning of the Beatitudes: Blessed are the poor are noted by the empty purse and dove above it; they that mourn are shown by the willow tree and mournful figure in the right corner, the meek are seen by the sheep and the olive branch, and they that hunger and thirst for righteousness by the loaf of bread and by the crown of Christ. In the center is the Lord’s Prayer symbolizing the teaching of prayer by Christ. Continuing on the right, the Beatitudes are: the merciful are shown by the blunt sword; the pure in heart by the snowflake; the peacemakers by the dove and olive branch; and, those persecuted for righteousness’ sake by the crossed palms and crown. In the center of the left panel is IHC, symbol of IHCOYC, which is Greek for Christ. The right panel shows an ancient form of the Chi Rho. This window dates to 1967. Dedicated to the memories of George Kirkpatrick and son William by Margaret Cunningham.

Window description and historical information collected by Heidi Myers.