The Resurrection

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This window was made around 1929, and is obviously a radical departure in style from the windows around it. Once again, the maker of the window is not recorded. Its brilliant colors and myriad of small pieces of glass often earn it the title of “showiest” window. The central figure is of the risen Christ, with the paschal banner, the red and white flag with the cross in its midst, unfurled behind him. Surrounding Christ are seven doves, signifying the gifts of the Spirit. On Jesus’ left are the women who came to his tomb. On his right are St. Peter and St. John (the beloved disciple). In the fine traceries surrounding the side panels are symbols of the resurrection. Look for the peacock, a pomegranate, a phoenix, etc. The bottom three panels depict the Nativity with the visitation of shepherds and the Magi. Dedicated to the glory of God and in loving memory of Arthur and Lydia Higgs.

Window description and historical information collected by Heidi Myers.