Christianity and the Unity of the Churches

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The last of the 1967 windows made by Douglas Phillips expresses a reunion of the denominations and branches under one communion. In the center is a simple altar with the cross rising behind it. The rays streaming out unite all in this window. To the top left, is a candle, symbol of devotion and worship; to the right, a sanctuary light is seen, symbol of a formal liturgy and worship. The left shows three clergymen, one an Episcopal priest, one from the “major denominations” in ministerial robe, and the third from the fundamentalists. On the far right are an Eastern Orthodox priest and a Roman Catholic priest united with their brothers in the left opening. The bottom left shows the Western church as noted by a Latin cross over a gothic building. The bottom right has a Greek cross over an Eastern Church. The bottom center shows the ecumenical ship of the church whose authority is the Gospel. The inscription reads: “Man cannot live by bread alone.” Given to the glory of God by the J. Donald Church family.

Window description and historical information collected by Heidi Myers.