Christianity and the Unity of Nations and Races

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Done in 1967, by Douglas Phillips, the center openings show East and West (Chinese and Caucasian) united by the cross. At their feet is a globe symbolizing the earth and the triumph of the Gospel over the earth. In the left opening stand an Indian woman and an Arab. At the right, a black and a white together look toward the cross. The bottom shows a broken sword and rifle that mean weapons will not be needed when Christianity influences nations. The center bottom shows hands of all races united in fellowship through the cross. At the right bottom, is shown the triumph of Christianity over national chauvinism with the Christian (paschal) banner rising high over that of the nations showing that Christianity erases national boundaries. Dedicated to the glory of God and in memory of loved ones by George and Olive Cochran and son, Phillip.

Window description and historical information collected by Heidi Myers.

Reflections from church members

This window has taken on greater significance in the wake of this year's protests (and counter-protests) for racial justice. Near the end of Galations chapter 3, Paul writes that racial divisions imposed by society ought to take 2nd place to the unity we find in Christ. The promises of the Gospel aren't just pie-in-the-sky; they are also meant for here and now. I'm personally challenged when I consider what's expected of me to bring this unfulfilled promise into present day. -TK