Christianity and Industry

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From 1967, in the center lancet, the hand of God sheds blessings. Below the hand of God, the figure of Christ shows the Christian the path to follow through his existence in the city. At the feet of Christ and the man are shown the contemporary city and a biblical city suggesting that we must follow the path established by Christ during the biblical times in our modern life. Various symbols of work crowd the border of this window. The oak wreath is a symbol of strength, the wheel with cogs is a symbol of industry; the lamp is a symbol of knowledge, the dividers are symbols of engineers, the shovel is a symbol of labor, the tractors are symbols of farming, the cash register is a symbol of commerce, the T-square is a symbol for precision, the hammer is for perseverance, and, the flask represents the application of research. The parable of the talents is also tucked in the side panels. Also made by Douglas Phillips. Dedicated to the memory of Leon Starcher by his wife, Frieda, and sons, William and James.

Window description and historical information collected by Heidi Myers.